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Transform an ordinary Wall With Simple DIY Decorating Tips

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Provide a sparse space a makeover

We’re not all fortunate having a hearth which to put treasures, but you can now fake one! Listed here are a couple of handy tips and methods regarding how to transform an ordinary wall in your living area into something of the feature and speaking point.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to redecorate an area. I have listed a trio of tips on methods to brighten up an ordinary searching wall.

An Imitation Hearth – How to get it done

Measure and mark out two pairs of support beams in your wall – we recommend 90cm apart, 100cm high and 6cm wide for every pair. Purchase blue masking tape, which will not rip the paint off your wall (request it at the local home improvement store).

Pick the shade you would like your hearth to become. We chosen plain black paint, try not to hesitate to test out color – and complete the spaces between your tape.

If this dries, carefully remove the masking tape to show the bottom of your hearth. We used shelves because the mantelpiece, however, you could paint another stripe at the very top.

A Cool Wall Display – Allow it to be.

Create a wall display from small canvases and embossed paper. Simply tape the paper towards the canvas, making certain there aren’t any crease lines.

Liven up a wall.

To have an eye-catching impact on an ordinary wall, use black and white-colored photos in cluster frames to produce a classic look.

Organizing objects that complement the tones from the wall can help highlight your display.

An Imitation Window – Hang it.

Why don’t you hang some curtains around a landscape painting or photo? This gives the illusion of the picture window. Have a picture of the beautiful landscape outdoors and also have it inflated with a printer to poster size. This can be a unique method to display art in addition to allowing the illusion more space having a presented window.

You shouldn’t be afraid to test different things. Remember your home should reflect your personality if you have funky eclectic tastes then one of these simple ideas would suit you lower down!

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