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4 Amazing Way to Optimize Dorm Space

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Living in a dormitory is one of the highlights of becoming a college student. It’s not just a place for resting but a whole new world to experience socializing and being independent, away from the shadow of parents. The dorm is not your typical, large room in a house. It’s usually compressed to fit two or more people in one room plus all the other personal items. By doing some simple steps, you can maximize every corner of your dorm room.

Choose space-saver furniture

Chairs, tables, and beds are the common contents of the room. They occupy a large portion of the physical space. By using space-saver furniture, you can simplify and make use of your small space efficiently. It improves your usage quality and saves money on multiple purchases with just one item. A convertible bed can fold to become a chic lounge chair and unfold for a comfortable night’s sleep. Foldable racks for laundry, an extending table, a wall mount ironing board, or multipurpose coffee table are some of the other things you can choose.

Store wisely

The simplest way to store your things is to use storage bins. Transparent containers can let you see what’s inside faster. Use layered bins so that you can categorize your things based on their purpose. Store them in places where they won’t block the walkways, like under the bed. Remove all the unnecessary things that you are not using anymore together with the other stuff of your roommates. A junk removal Houston company can collect all these extra items for you and dispose of them without any stress on your part.

Have a plan with your roommates

Aside from books, it is essential to have a television and multiplayer video gaming console to have a break for a while from studying. Talk to your roommates about what appliances you will have inside the room. In this way, you will prevent having multiple similar items in the room. An example is, there should only be one iron, coffee maker, fridge, and cooker for everybody. Coordinate with your roommate to avoid duplication of appliances that they might bring.

Practice a minimalist lifestyle

Learning to live with fewer material possessions may seem difficult for someone who is used to having everything they need. However, this trait is a must for you to live comfortably in your dorm, or else it will look like a hoarding place. Bring with you only the most valuable things that you feel you’ll use almost every day. Learning to be a minimalist is also learning to appreciate what you have. It gives you the freedom to think and focus more on significant life events than on things that don’t matter.

Your dormitory is like your second home. You’ll spend most of your college years here together with your roommates. Always practice cleanliness to make use of the spaces optimally. Learn different do-it-yourself ideas online that you can apply to your room. Your dormitory plays a big factor in your holistic academic success. Strive to make it feel like home.


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